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kevane and mr. william walker who just spoke again just now. so thank you to the other applicants who are here again today. supervisor campos. >> thank you, madame chair. and thank you to all of the applicants who have come out. and for your interest in serving the city and county of for instance. it's always hard when you have more applicants that you have seats. i think any one of these applicants would do a great job in this position. so it's unfortunate that we only have six seats for nine applicants. so my hope is that whatever happens if for some reason you are not celebritied or appointed that you will continue to be engaged. people's schedules change, and their ability to do this may not be there. so i would keep -- i would hope that people would remain involved. i do have a quick question through the chair to the city attorney. is it possible if someone applied for a seat to appoint that person to a different seat at this point? or is that someone that would require us coming back? >> deputy city attorney john givner. he yes, if an applicant was listed on the agenda for
? >> yes, i would. >> seats 1 and 36789 thank you, mr. mauroff and we have william walker. >> i'm sorry, that is mr. hogan. sorry about that. >> seats 1 and 36789 >> hello. i live about six blocks from balboa park and homeowner and have been in the neighborhood for about six years. we formed a group of neighborhoods called the friends of balboa park playground. a lost family families with kids in the neighborhood that resulted in about a million mrs. dollars of renovations to balboa park. the playground, the skatepark and other improvements that have benefited our community. on behalf of the neighborhood and a homeowner and someone really interested in improving our community and making sure it meets everybody's needs. i have been involved on a social service level boys and girls club and have built partnerships to get things down and would love to use that experience. just our commitment to the neighborhood and community to serve balboa park. >> thank you, mr. mauroff, you applied om for seat 3, would you like to amend that? >> i thought seat 3 was the most approximate. >> we hea
on but michelle an tone, georgia pratt williams, arin hall, a teacher who isn't here who was supporting way before i was even in the program. so thank you so much for all your -- and all the parents that showed up tonight thank you so much for coming and supporting. >> ?s >> i also wanted to mention that i had an opportunity to attend this assembly last week, and learned there were 550 different tribes in the united states, 280 different languages spoken, 20 of them spoken in california. and we did learn ac5ssj little sign language which was -- i hope i don't get this wrong. so correct me, ladies, if i'm wrong. education is not the enemy. so i hope i did thatwwwpoÑ<1 rightl[!go> continuing on, this is for superintendent carranza82k> j.%móx1 jrotc. >> i'd like to call ram ileoto the podium regarding the lowell high school second place finish in the national 2011-12 symposium and academic bowl. first sergeant. >>[!n? and gentlemen and board members. i'm extremely proud to be here on behalf of
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and second to the 2012 williams settlementable report. >> so moved. >> second. >> reading of recommendation by the superintendent or designeesp ruth deep. superintendent. the action is that the board of education for san francisco unified accept the report from independent auditors for the 2012 visits of the district 28 schools that arel[7unuç ranked 1 through three on the academic performance api. >> yes questions from the board? >> i just want to say i was very pleased to read that most of all of our facilitiese7amn!7w were n compliance with the audit, with the exception of two school facilities, and apparently those deficiencies were addressed right away. so i want to thank david goldin and his staff and the williams team on responding so rapidly. >> thank you. >> vice president norton. >> vice president norton: thank you. i was -- i did hear1jsdzen some complaints that were not reflected in the audit report about middle school textbooks not being available for all students, particularly students in special day classes. and i'm just wondering if the auditors found any -- that there was
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] >> i am honored absolutely to be a part of this. when i am in the room with janice and cecil williams and rita semmel, it's hard to get better than that. i mean, these are people who have shown us the way, how to lead, how to put that compassion to very good work. so, i am honored to be here to say i want to make sure that all of you support the season of giving. we are only able to do the things we do as the red cross back at super storm sandy because we have neighbors helping neighbors. we served about 160 people to help out with that terrible storm back east. and the words i'm getting back from our volunteers and staff is, this is a horrific disaster. we're learning many, many lessons that will be translated into, god forbid, anything that might happen here in the bay area. so, know that we are always going to help our neighbors because it's the right thing to do. but it's also an opportunity to learn from the latest things that are happening around the country and the world so that we know when something happens here that, a, we're going to join up with our partners from catholic
lawrence wong, student trustee william walker, we'd also like to introduce former trustees rodel rodis, allen wong, and i think peter finnican was also going to join us this evening. introduce our interim chancellor, dr. pamela fisher, our former chancellor, dr. don griffin, former chancellor dr. phillip day, and mr. mendehem, president of the citizen's bond foundation committee. >> (inaudible) mr. walker newman, and miss jacqueline liu and city of san francisco would like to recognize the honorable mayor of san francisco, the honorable david chiu, chairman of the board of supervisors. >> he's also our district 3 supervisor. >> the honorable menea cohen, the honorable ciel ping, commissioner cecilia chung, may woo, eileen lee riley and mr. carezza, san francisco unified school district. >> we'd like to recognize our guest from the consulate, education councilor from the people's republic of china, mr. bernhard able, consulate of germany, the honorable nagesh naharabi, india, the honorable dennis garrison, consul of lithuania, consul of madagascar, mr. victor flores, from e
williams, the president of 258 and i attended an event of the san francisco museum and historical society, when both muni for its 100 anniversary and the market street railway received awards of merit from that society. get to get positive recognition for the history of muni which again came forth last week when the put car 26 back into service. moving on, one bike issue, jfk cycle track that went in the early this year - i know there were a lot of concerns about it. there was a lot of back-and-forth, engagement of different stakeholders to approve the design and address concerns. we have gone back to conduct a survey to see how the traffic for cars, pedestrians, bikes, people with disabilities has changed since the installation of the cycle track. i will mention also that director rubke and director brinkman and others dissipated in the event last week but on the mayor's office of disability, the independent living council, the walk sf bike coalition to talk about issues of accessibility. we did speed surveys for vehicles and bicycles at two locations, in person surveys, interce
. it was -- this is from william wiley's retrospective, when he got up onstage to sing a song, 270 people put on the cat. >> it is not just a bookstore. it is a store. can you talk us through some of your favorites? >> these are made in china, but they are made out of cattails. >> these pieces of here, you have a whale head and various animals and their health over there, and they are jewelry. >> we do fund raisers for nonprofits, so we are doing a project for the magic theater, so there are some pretty funny cartoons. they are probably not for prime time. >> you sort of have a kind of holistic relationship where you might do merchandise in the store that promotes their work and practice, and also, prince for them. maybe we should go back and look at the print operation now. >> let's go. >> before we go into the print shop, i noticed some incredible items you have talked back here. what are we standing in front of? >> this is william wiley, only one earth. this is a print edition. there are only eight total, and what we wanted to do was expand the idea of printmaking. this is really an art object. there
marjorie williams wrote is a gem of a story. if it was just an okay story, it wouldn't have lasted this long. i have had people say that is the first show i ever saw, that is why i am a choreographer. i have had people that have come back when they are 20 and 23 years old. little kids and people in their 50s and 60s are telling me how much they love it. they come back more than once, they come back year after year. >> good morning, everyone, and welcome to the tuesday, november 20th, 2012 meeting of the san francisco county transportation authority. my name is david campos and i am the chair of the commission, the authority. we are joined by the clerk of the authority, erika cheng, and we would like to thank the following members of sfgtv staff for covering the meeting today. nona and jessie. madam clerk, if you can please call item 1 roll call. >> commissioner avalos? >> present. >> [speaker not understood]. cohen present. elsbernd present. farrell present. kim absent. mar absent. olague present. wiener present. we have a quorum. >> great, thank you very much. if you can now call
it with the way we think. so today it's my pleasure and you know, william, this is really for you and some of the others that believed that we're never going to let city college go, we're never going to abandon our collective responsibilities and make sure it's successful or going to work really hard with our trustees and our interim chancellor and the state to make sure it's successful. that's why i wanted to announce tonight that i will personally be endorsing proposition a, the parcel tax, for san francisco to make sure we work together to get the resources necessary to keep our city college successful. and it's in that mind and with the united front that we have with all the elected officials that we congratulate on this opening that we know there is more to it than just the brick and morter here. the most important thing about education is the people. and this is a promise for all of the generations of immigrants to come that we know fill the school ways, that used to be filbert and now here, we know what a great sacrifice it is to be good citizens and successful residents of this
. >> next speaker. [ reading speakers' names ] >> welcome. >> good afternoon my name is william pills and i own hop san francisco. we are a business that is a little over 2.5 years old. currently we employ about 12 full-time people and up to two dozen seasonal and part-time people. we are a truck that is definitely interested in expanding, and we have been very apprehensive about expanding down into downtown with everything being kind of arbitrary, at least in our rule as to what the rules are and where the rules are going to be, et cetera. allowing this legislation or swinging it in our favor would allow us to maybe bring the other dozen on almost as full-time employees. and then i just wanted to ouch on [tao-ufp/] [tao-ufp/] touch on the subject of food. we tried to apply to the food truck, as much as possible. and i'm sorry i'm a little nervous. i guess that is all i have for you. >> great. thank you henry, president of the san francisco county of merchant as the association. we had a meeting last week and commissioner white was there. i love food trucks. i think they are great.
. >> why don't you have a seat in >> thank you. >> officer? >> commissioners, i'm officer william mccarthy. and i'm the permit officer. i had a chance to meet with mr. patino and i believe the permit. and i ran the crime stats for year to date, and taken the time frame from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 in the morning. and the 7 months or so, i am sorry, ten months time period there was 117 a part one crimes as well as public intoxication and dui. 39 were thefts and there were 37 vehicle thefts and 13 assault and 13 robberies and 4 burglaries, and two warrant arrests and two duis and two sexual offenses and two public drunkenness. and so based on those stats, i am respectfully requesting that you approve the conditions that are before you. >> okay. condition number eleven, is we grant permits here, and we take them away. and so we are the only people to do that, so i feel like condition number eleven will have to be struck. other than that... all right, thank you. >> thank you. >> i will open the floor to public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners? >> i have a question
speaker. >> good morning, supervisor. eric williams, president for the transport workers union here in san francisco. first and foremost, let me be clear here. the transit operators union and the members of our local will not be held responsible for the late buses and the no service on the streets. i welcome this dialogue, all from prop k to prop a to all the measures surrounding muni that should be brought to the forefront, because this agency receives a heck of a lot of funds, federally mandated funds, to deal with this transportation system. so it should be put on the table, on what the agency is doing, with the said funds. the said funds are for operations, to put together a system that works for everybody, within this community of san francisco. that being said, on the face of it, i am for the free youth passes. at this point, with the -- with this agency in the position it's in now, we need to think about how can we actually use those particular funds to benefitjpd÷ everyone within this city. if it's compromising to give a little here, give a little there, but definitely, definitel
francisco i want to acknowledge mayor reeve and williams weren't able to make it. we are committed to the effort and our theme of bringing the bowl to the bay. that will be important because we can't do this alone. we are excited to work with them as well. without furthered adieu i will ask mayor lee to come up and perform, talk about the first tweet and our social media campaign. >> great, thank you. thank you, daniel. [applause] >> thank you very much for your leadership on this as well. i knew that when we sat down and talked about this kind of little dream we had that you became the perfect leader for us. it has come out clearly that was not only the correct decision but really enthusiastic, so thank you for stepping up. let me begin by saying there was some vibration this morning. yes, part of it, we were doing the california shake-up drill with 9.3 million in the state of california, but i think there was vibrations. mayor mathews and mayor reed were jumping up and down because i told them we were putting together something that would not only be a great way to work together
the reason it is lasting is because of the story marjorie williams wrote is a gem of a story. if it was just an okay story, it wouldn't have lasted this long. i have had people say that is the first show i ever saw, that is why i am a choreographer. i have had people that have come back when they are 20 and 23 years old. little kids and people in their 50s and 60s are telling me how much they love it. they come back more than once, they come back year after year. >> good morning, everyone. just to make sure you know, we're in an international room and i can't think of a more international group of people standing behind me, the work force of our bay area, san francisco, and oakland and others. want to thank everybody for coming here this morning. you know, we have another announcement to make, but it's consistent with the efforts that are being made by the warriors management to work with all of us in the city and to really adapt to the kinds of things that we've all shown as the values of our city. it is so important and is so significant because i remind people, this is a private investmen
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)

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